Enterprise Education

The Coordinator for Enterprise is Mrs Ryott.

There is no fixed definition of enterprise education however it is viewed by Redscope Primary School to be:

“Enterprise education gives children the opportunity to develop a range of skills, understanding, and attitudes. Such a focus allows children to be more positive, independent, creative, confident people within the school and to become informed, proactive, responsible citizens in the wider world.”

It links to all areas of learning and is continually addressed throughout the school day.

There are three capabilities that make up enterprise education.

  • Enterprise capability – the ability to ‘be innovative, to be creative, to take risks and to manage them, to have a can-do attitude and the drive to make ideas happen.’
  • Financial capability – is the ability to ‘manage one’s own finances and to become questioning and informed consumers of financial services.
  • Economic and business understanding – is the ability to ‘understand the business context and make informed choices between alternative uses of scarce resources’.

A Guide to Enterprise Education in schools, DCSF:

“Through the inclusion of enterprise education in our broad and balanced curriculum, we aim to provide every pupil with the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, understanding, values and attitudes which will enable them to become effective lifelong learners who will contribute to society in a positive way.”

At Redscope we actively create learning opportunities that make clear links to the enterprise capabilities listed below.

We will plan teaching and learning activities and experiences that enable children to become financially intelligent. Through a range of purposeful activities and experiences children should actively acquire the knowledge and confidence in financial literacy. Teaching and learning activities should able them to demonstrate their ability to manage their own money and that of others in a variety of contexts. For example, fundraising, planning and managing budgets and understanding the value of money.

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