The Coordinator for Geography is Miss Jordan.

Geography plays a vital role in providing children within the Kimberworth community opportunities to develop a love and fascination for the world, sparking curiosity to develop knowledge and understanding about people, places and environments at different scales. By asking and responding to questions, children are supported to make connections so that knowledge can be applied to develop conceptual understanding. At Redscope, we believe it is important that children have the opportunity to think geographically about issues and challenges facing them now and in the future whilst also considering how global challenges affect people in diverse communities around the world.

Our geography curriculum is underpinned by Chris Quigley’s Essentials Curriculum. Children are supported to develop substantive and disciplinary knowledge as they explore several key concepts that children will revisit in different contexts throughout their time at Redscope. We aim to provide rich language and vocabulary opportunities within an ambitious curriculum.

Useful Links

Google Maps

Online mapping site that allows you to see by routes, satellite and in many places at street level. See and explore the world through your browser.

Travel Images

Photographic images of countries which can be selected by continent, then by country.


An introduction for key stage 2 on how maps work and how to interpret them. It includes these 8 sections: starting mapping, symbols, compasses and directions, grid references, understanding scale, measuring distance, relief and contour lines and compass bearings.

Young People’s Trust for the Environment

The Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE) is a charity that encourages young people’s understanding of the environment. It aims to give young people (and an increasing number of adults) clear and balanced information on a wide range of environmental issues, including climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation and endangered species.  This enables them to make informed decisions about how to live their lives in a way that gives greater priority to the preservation of the natural world.

CBBC Newsround

News about world current events written in a way that makes it easier for children to understand.

BBC Bitesize

Learn about Geography with BBC Bitesize. Games, World Travel and Fieldwork are all part of the fun.

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