Foundation Stage 2 Updates

Spring 2

Class 1 and 2 have had a wonderful half term on our topic ‘How can we save the planet?’  We are very proud of how the children have continued to work hard, show resilience and develop their skills.

This half term we have been learning all about how we can look after the planet by reusing and recycling waste materials. The term began with something terrible happening! Someone had thrown rubbish all over the playground. The children worked together to collect and sort the rubbish so it could be recycled. We then looked at the story ‘Someone Swallowed Stanley’ by Sarah Roberts about sea pollution. They learnt to retell the story and thought carefully about the characters thoughts and feelings throughout the story, writing speech bubbles to express this. They then came up with their own ideas for new characters within the story. They wrote sentences about what happened with the new characters.

In PE the children were excited to be superheroes saving the planet! They practiced different balances using the large apparatus, climbing, crawling and balancing along the equipment. In art they have created seascapes using paint and wax crayons to create under the sea scenes.

In phonics, the children have revised the digraph and trigraphs, read longer words and reviewed tricky words. Children continue to make wonderful progress and are beginning to read words more fluently. They are also starting to read longer sentences as a class and spell a wider variety of words.

In Maths we have looked at continuing to embed the knowledge of what makes up 5. We have looked at odd and evens of numbers to 10 and continued to work on our understanding of composition of numbers 6-10, learning the bonds. We also looked at 3D shapes and their properties. In addition to this, we learned about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd and 3rd.) The children enjoyed taking part in a mixture of activities to help consolidate their mathematical skills.

Overall, the children have continued to amaze us this half term with their resilience, determination and ability to continue working hard and be supportive and kind friends to their peers. We can’t wait to see what the children achieve in our final term!

Spring 1

Reception Class have had a fantastic half term! We have been so impressed with all of their hard work, especially during phonics sessions. Everyone, has been trying hard and making fantastic progress.  

We have been captivated by the delightful story of “Naughty Bus” by Jan Oke and Jerry Oke. Through the Talk for Writing storytelling approach, we have immersed ourselves in the mischievous adventures of the Naughty Bus and have learned to retell the story with enthusiasm. We’ve enjoyed collecting ideas about what silly antics Naughty Bus might get up to next, and have used these create our own unique Naughty Bus stories. We want to say a big thank you to you all for getting involved at home, your support has helped bring the story.  

During our maths sessions, we have been delving into the fascinating world of numbers and measurement. We have been introduced to the numbers 6, 7, and 8, exploring their composition and relationships through hands-on activities and interactive games. Through engaging exercises, we have developed a deeper understanding of number concepts and the ways numbers can be combined and decomposed. Additionally, we have been exploring the concept of length and comparing the lengths of various objects and modes of transportation. We have been amazed to discover the different lengths of vehicles, including the surprising length of airplanes! Who know an aeroplane is longer than all of our class put together!  

In addition to this, we’ve had the pleasure of exploring the fantastic works of artist James Rizzi. We loved the vibrant colours he uses! Inspired by his style, we’ve used watercolour pencils to create our own fun vehicles, adding intricate details with black pens. The result is a wonderful collaborative piece of artwork.  

We had a great trip to the Rotherham transport Museum. A big thank you to all the adults who came along with us. We loved our ride on a vintage bus and were fascinated by all the different vehicles from the past. Who knew you could fit so many different modes of transport in one building!  

We can’t wait for next half term, I’m sure it will be full of excitement! 

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