Year 4 Updates

Autumn 2

What a busy few month we have had in Year 4. I am so proud of how hard all the children have worked this half term, right up until the end.

Our maths work this half term has seen children master formal methods of addition and subtraction and we are working hard on applying this to multi-step problems. We have learnt how to calculate the area of shapes and are working our way through our multiplication and division unit. The children have been introduced to their 6s, 7s and 9s – why not ask them to count in these steps?

We have also been working really hard on our arithmetic skills and getting quicker at solving simple, smaller number calculations. 

Our first English unit was a portal story. The children enjoyed travelling to different destinations in their imagination to create a lovely story that focused on developing the description of the setting. We also work on our adjectives and noun phrases. We gave our second unit a little Christmas slant and looked at how to trap the Grinch. The children looked at the organisational structure of an instruction text, explored fronted adverbials and comma use and how to use imperative verbs. During our English lessons, we have also been working hard on ensuring our letter formation is correct and beginning to join.

We have really enjoyed our History unit this half term. We kickstarted it with an ‘Anglo-Saxon day’ where the children explored making fires using flint and steel and learnt a little about how they lived. Throughout the unit we explored why they can to England, why they stayed, the religions they followed, the battles they found and how eventually, their reign came to an end.

Our Science unit has focused on sound. The children have explored how sound is made using vibrations and explored the role on a tuning fork. They have looked inside the ear and we have discussed how our ears manipulate the sounds and send them to our brain. 

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