Support Available

Support is available in a variety of ways and is usually offered following a formal assessment or referral.

Schools will also signpost to outside agencies for identified support as necessary.


Assessment begins before students arrive at Wingfield from the following sources:

  • SATs data from primary
  • Other information from primary
  • Information from parents

This is gathered through meetings with feeder primaries and parents, completion of “passports” before Y6 start.

Once at Wingfield this assessment continues until the completion of G.C.S.E’s at the end of Y11 and will usually be set out as follows;

  • Autumn Term Year 7 – reading Comprehension test, (NGRT group reading), Spelling test (WRAT spelling,) Handwriting test for speed and legibility ( DASH handwriting test).
  • Summer Term Year 9 – reading Comprehension test, (NGRT group reading), Spelling test (WRAT spelling,) Handwriting test for speed and legibility ( DASH handwriting test).
  • Year 11 – G.C.S.E’s

They may be further testing for identified students following these tests.

An identified cohort is then tracked and tested at regular intervals to ensure support is in place to meet their needs.

In addition students may be assessed as a result of identified concerns from staff or parents at any time.

Contacting the Academy

Parents can contact school by:

  • Writing a note in planners.
  • Phoning school – 01709 513 002
  • Emailing school via the website contact page
  • Attending a meeting by prior arrangement.


Support for students with a disability and/or long term and short term mobility issues are provided according to need and may include any of the following:-

  • A 5 minute early passes to allow travelling time between lessons and access to the dinner hall
  • Ramps allowing access for wheel chairs into the building
  • A lift to allow access between floors
  • Disabled toilets and changing facilities
  • Adult escort to lessons
  • Adult support in lessons.

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional well being is provided for a range of issues linked both learning and personal; including bereavement and anxiety via:

  • Form Tutors
  • Year Team Leaders (YTL)
  • Mentors
  • Key workers
  • The Inclusion department and Staff


Our Health support worker is available for;

  • emergency first aid.
  • supporting ongoing medical issues including the taking of prescribed medication.
  • providing good health and safety information.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Support during unstructured times

Students needing a quiet space can access Inclusion (Room 4 and Room 13).

Support for learning

Students can receive additional support as a result of assessment,
referrals from staff, the  student and parents.

This can take the form of:

  • Nurture groups in Y7 and Y8
  • Withdrawal groups in Maths and English Y7-Y11
  • Targeted LSA support in lessons
  • 1:1 work with key workers and mentors
  • Foundation Learning lessons in KS4
  • Access Arrangements including a reader, word processing, scribe, extra time, rest breaks
  • Reading groups
  • Coloured overlays for reading
  • Enlarged text
  • Software to allow access to IT
  • Netbooks as an alternative way of recording
  • Homework club after school Monday to Thursday 2:45-3:45.

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